DivorceWriter Review

Overall Ranking/Score: #4

DivorceWriter’s best feature is by far the cost. The websites that rank higher than DivorceWriter cost about twice as much.


Their website says the regular cost for a divorce is $229 (with children) or $199 (without children), but we have never seen them charge full price. At the “special price” of $137, DivorceWriter is the least expensive online divorce form provider we reviewed. The other top divorce from providers charge around $300.

Money-Back Guarantee

DivorceWriter Guarantees court acceptance of your legal documents, or they will refund your payment.

BBB Ranking

Not every company bothers to register with the BBB, so it’s encouraging to see that DivorceWriter took the time to do so. Not only that, but they have an A+ rating. Their BBB entry is listed under Pro Se Planning Inc., which owns divorcewriter.com. It looks like they have been a BBB Accredited Business since May 1, 2003.


You can find lots of DivorceWriter reviews on the company’s website. The DivorceWriter reviews we saw were all positive, but we did notice one negative review on the BBB page.

DivorceWriter Reviews

DivorceWriter Complaints

The BBB entry for Pro Se Planning, Inc. lists 11 complaints over the prior three-year period. Eight were unresolved, and three were resolved. Sometimes an unresolved complaint can simply mean that the customer who posted the review hasn’t checked back in with the BBB. Other times, it may mean that they are still unhappy with their service. Of course, customers are more likely to post a complaint than a positive review on just about any review website, and for a large company, 11 complaints is not bad. Since the company still has an A+ rating, we’re not too concerned about this (relatively low) number of complaints.


Simply answer the questions in DivorceWriter’s online interview, and their software will automatically complete your forms for you. Other than that, all you need to do is send payment and follow the instructions provided with your paperwork.


DivorceWriter keeps regular business hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PDT), Monday-Friday. If you call during this time, you should be able to reach a representative via phone. They’ve also put together some online resources, which you can search by typing in a keyword.

Attorney Support

You won’t be able to speak with an attorney as part of this online divorce form service. Like many divorce websites, DivorceWriter does not answer legal questions.

National Coverage

DivorceWriter is a national provider of online legal forms, with coverage in 49 states. For some reason, they don’t provide divorce forms for the state of Missouri.

Divorce Specialty

If you were hiring an attorney for your divorce, chances are, you’d look for a divorce attorney. So, if you’re using online divorce forms, it makes sense that you’d look for a company that specializes in divorce forms. DivorceWriter does — but when conducting our DivorceWriter review, we noticed that the company that owns DivorceWriter has two additional websites specializing in different types of legal forms. This isn’t a bad thing, though. In fact, if you like DivorceWriter, you might like their other legal forms, too. It just may mean that they are not truly divorce specialists.


In our DivorceWriter review, we noticed the McAfee Secure logo on the company’s website, which means your documents and private information are protected.

Delivery Time

If you choose to have your divorce forms emailed to you, they can be ready immediately after you complete the DivorceWriter questionnaire. Or, if you prefer paper forms, you can elect to have DivorceWriter mail your divorce forms instead.


Legal forms can be confusing, so it’s good to know that you can edit your divorce forms with DivorceWriter, at no extra charge (for digital versions). Just log in, make the changes you need, and re-email the documents to your self. If you need a new copy mailed to you, there may be an extra cost to cover postage.

Years in Business

It looks like DivorceWriter began providing online divorce forms in 2005.

  1. I found this helpful. Thanks

  2. Sorry to say this but there customer service is really bad, when you call for a question they wont help cos they want you to pay a lawyer for a question they can help you out with. I call because it said call customers service if you have any question, when I call an operator called SAUNA, picked up she was so rude, didn’t want to help me out, than the next thing I know she hang up on me. Why do customers need to call if we can get any help. We know that you guys are not license attorney. Please Sauna improve on your customers service skills.

    • Nothing free. Customer service can’t answer questions about divorce. Therefore a lawyer is needed. Lawyers don’t work for free.

  3. This was very helpful thank you

  4. I used Divorce Writer and I was very pleased. The paperwork arrived within days,and it was accurate. It gave step by step instructions as far as when you should file and mail documents. You just have to follow directions… and they’re super simple.

    • So you paid $149 for the papers, then whatever the court cost was to file? And no legal representation? And everything went easy? The paperwork was simple and directions easy to follow? I’m extremely nervous about my situation, and do not have a ton on money to pay a lawyer. I found this and was hopeful..

  5. Beware this is a scam!!!! They will get your credit card information and if you decide not to go through the application and email them that you want to cancel they still charge your card.

    • Omg is this really a scam? Tell me MORE please as i was just gonna purchase this!

    • I wouldn’t really call it a scam because you paid for the papers and they emailed the papers right away. That is the service. If one decides to file or not that’s the individuals perragative.now if you paid and relieved nothing that would be a different story.

  6. This is a f#@$%g rip off don’t do it

    • The forms that i received were all outdated and unacceptable to the court. You are much better off calling the courthouse of whatever state you are seeking a divorce in, asking them for the correct forms and completing them yourself.

  7. Very good fast and cheap service.Thanks.

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