Wevorce Review

Overall Ranking/Score: #2

Wevorce is one of the top divorce services in the country. They previously partnered with LegalZoom to increase their offerings, but they appear to have terminated that relationship. Read our full Wevorce review below to learn more about the company. To see how it stacks up to the competition, check out our best online divorce form services.


Wevorce’s online divorce product, a “Self-Guided Wevorce,” costs $199 per couple, plus court filing fees and an additional $99/month until your divorce is complete. This includes completion of all documents for both spouses, filing instructions, Marriage Settlement Agreement, Parenting Plan, child financial support documents, name change provision, Temporary Separation Agreement, Spousal support plan AND access to Wevorce-certified mediators via chat, email or phone to answer any questions or concerns you have more. For full pricing and information, click here. This pricing is quite a bit higher than the other divorce form providers we’ve reviewed, as you can see in our comparison chart. The top online divorce providers we reviewed charged between $140 and $299 + State Fees.

While Wevorce’s cost seems high, it’s still far less than a traditional divorce, which can cost $15,000 or more.

What is Included?

  • Completion of all documents for both spouses
  • Easy-to-follow filing instructions
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Parenting plan that specifies child-related agreements
  • Customer support at each stage of the process
  • Child financial support documents
  • Name change provision for wife to revert to maiden name
  • Professional review
  • FREE revisions for 30 days
  • FREE delivery of your order
  • Free 30-minute welcome session with a Wevorce Specialist
  • Temporary Separation Agreement
  • Personalized tools and reading
  • Equalizing payments
  • Spousal support plan
  • Closure process


According to Wevorce.com, most couples who use the site are ready to file their documents in less than 30 days. This seems like a reasonable time frame.

Ease of Use

Wevorce.com invites users to “get peace of mind in 3 simple steps,” which include: (1) Users define optimal outcomes and complete guided modules, (2) Wevorce specialists create and review court-ready documents and (3) Users get complete court-ready documents and filing instructions. This process sounds simple and uncomplicated.

Available Professional Help

You can communicate with Wevorce customer support staff via chat, email or phone at no charge. You also get 3 hours/month of access to a Wevorce-certified mediator that will provide personalized coaching and mediation.

Editing Capabilities

Free revisions are available for 30 days through Wevorce.com. The revision feature is useful — however, three of our top-rated online divorce services (3StepDivorce, RocketLawyer and DivorceWriter) offer unlimited editing.

Bonus #1: Welcome Session

Wevorce’s online divorce package includes a free 30-minute welcome session with a Wevorce Specialist.

Bonus #2: Personalized Tools and Reading

Wevorce’s Optimal Outcomes and Guided Modules are personalized tools designed to help you achieve the best outcomes for you and your spouse. This is one of the differentiating features we found between Wevorce and other online divorce form websites when writing this Wevorce review. These tools help determine what matters most to you and your spouse, and encourage peace of mind. Emotional support materials are also available.

Bonus #3: Divorce Calculator

Wevorce’s website includes a “Divorce Calculator” which calculates the likelihood that your marriage will end in divorce, based on your answers to several questions about your marriage. The data for the calculator is based on historical information from the U.S. Census. This appears to be a calculator for entertainment purposes only.

Customer Support

According to the Wevorce website, you can get support from Wevorce by phone, live chat or email. However, we did not notice a phone number listed on the website.

Attorney Support

Wevorce is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. They do provide 3 hours/month of access to a Wevorce-certified mediator that will provide personalized coaching and mediation.

State-Specific Info

Divorce forms are provided for all 50 states. Uniquely, an attorney licensed in your state will prepare and review your documents, as noted above.

Focus on Divorce

Wevorce only provides divorce forms. Their sole focus on divorce, as opposed to other legal services, may mean that their experts are more knowledgeable and up-to-date with legal changes.

Wevorce Reviews and Testimonials

We found a small handful of Wevorce reviews at wevorce.com, but we had to dig deeper to find more reviews. At the time of this Wevorce review writing, only two reviews were available on the Wevorce Facebook page (both were five-star).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wevorce offers a 100% money back guarantee, which is mentioned on the “Note from Our Founder” page of the website. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, the company will refund your money.

In Business Since

We could not find a founding date on the Wevorce website, but a Wikipedia page on the company mentions that it was originally founded in Boise, Idaho, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in Y Combinator, a startup accelerator, and later returned to Boise to build the company in 2013.


Wevorce assigns a username and password to each customer, protecting the personal information they enter into the site.

In the News

Wevorce has been featured on such prominent media outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Good Morning America, Fox Business and the BBC.

Our Conclusion

Wevorce appears to have gotten a lot of media coverage, perhaps in part because of its participation in Y Combinator and their previous partnership with LegalZoom. We like the company’s thoughtful approach to amicable divorce and the resources it provides to customers, and we appreciate that it has a guarantee.

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  1. I would be weary of this company. They changed their marketing strategy and pricing structure. I was part of the earlier customers with the 949 pricing structure. What is not noted above is that they apparently had a four month – non-advertised – expiration date of service after purchasing. I had not planned on using it for another year or so when i purchased it so when i went on to check it out my account was expired. They offered me the $299 a month and 99 after the first month package but would not refund my initial $949. I would worry about a company that can’t afford to refund for services or products that are already built and take nothing from their inventory to sell. What does it say about their financials that a tiny bit of customer service is too much to pay? I have reached out and they admit that they falsely advertised, not on purpose but that many customers were surprised. The CEO isn’t even involved in the approval committee for these requests. If anything changes I’ll adjust the review.

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