Wevorce Review

Overall Ranking/Score: #2

Wevorce is one of the top divorce services in the country. They previously partnered with LegalZoom to increase their offerings, but they appear to have terminated that relationship. Read our full Wevorce review below to learn more about the company. To see how it stacks up to the competition, check out our best online divorce form services.

Wevorce Price

Wevorce costs $3,450 per couple (or $5,850 when kids are involved). You can sign up for a free 7 day trial. This pricing is quite a bit higher than the other divorce form providers we’ve reviewed, as you can see in our comparison chart. The top online divorce providers we reviewed charged between $140 and $299 + State Fees. While Wevorce’s cost seems high, it’s still far less than a traditional divorce, which can cost $15,000 or more.

What is Included with Wevorce?

In the Free Trial:

  • Divorce Readiness Assessment
  • Online Access to Divorce Settlement Software
  • Members Only Forum
  • E-Books
  • 100’s of Coaching Videos
  • Asset & Debt Worksheets and Living Agenda
  • 1/2 Hour Consult with Private Judge
  • Marital Settlement Agreement

In the $3,450 Package:

  • Everything above
  • Financial Empowerment Process
  • One-on-One Financial Coaching
  • Asset & Debt Identification
  • Asset & Debt Ownership Process
  • Valuation Assessment
  • Division of Assets
  • Unbiased Settlement Review

In the $5,850 Package:

  • Everything above
  • One-on-One Co-Parenting Coaching
  • Child Development Tips & Tools
  • Two-Household Planning
  • Child Support Calculations
  • Children’s Checkbook: Child Support Alternative
  • Parenting & Holiday Schedules
  • Fairness Review
  • Parenting Plan
  • Unlimited Modifications for Co-Parent Members
  • Free Trial to weParent App

Wevorce Speed

Wevorce developed a high-tech and high-touch approach so you can settle your divorce completely out-of-court in as little as 30 days. You and your spouse agree that you’ll hire a private judge, called an arbitrator, to make the same decisions as if a judge had made them – just faster and more peacefully.

Ease of Use

Wevorce.com invites users to get peace of mind in 5 simple steps, which include: (1) Create your account, (2) Invite your spouse to join; (3) Complete the inline questionnaire; (4) Get your parenting plan and marital settlement agreement; and (5) Meet with a certified Private Judge™.

Available Professional Help

You can communicate with Wevorce customer support staff via chat, email or phone at no charge. You also get 3 hours/month of access to a Wevorce-certified mediator that will provide personalized coaching and mediation.

Editing Capabilities

Free revisions are available through Wevorce.com as long as your are a paying customer.

Bonus #1: Welcome Session

Wevorce’s online divorce package includes a free 30-minute welcome session with a Wevorce Specialist.

Bonus #2: Personalized Tools and Reading

Wevorce’s Optimal Outcomes and Guided Modules are personalized tools designed to help you achieve the best outcomes for you and your spouse. This is one of the differentiating features we found between Wevorce and other online divorce form websites when writing this Wevorce review. These tools help determine what matters most to you and your spouse, and encourage peace of mind. Emotional support materials are also available.

Bonus #3: Divorce Calculator

Wevorce’s website includes a “Divorce Calculator” which calculates the likelihood that your marriage will end in divorce, based on your answers to several questions about your marriage. The data for the calculator is based on historical information from the U.S. Census. This appears to be a calculator for entertainment purposes only.

Customer Support

According to the Wevorce website, you can get support from Wevorce by phone, live chat or email.

Attorney Support

Wevorce is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. They do provide 3 hours/month of access to a Wevorce-certified mediator that will provide personalized coaching and mediation.

State-Specific Info

Divorce forms are provided for all 50 states. Uniquely, an attorney licensed in your state will prepare and review your documents, as noted above.

Focus on Divorce

Wevorce only provides divorce forms. Since their sole focus on divorce, their experts are more knowledgeable and up-to-date with legal changes in the divorce arena.

Wevorce Reviews and Testimonials

We found a small handful of Wevorce reviews at wevorce.com, but we had to dig deeper to find more reviews. At the time of this Wevorce review writing, only two reviews were available on the Wevorce Facebook page (both were five-star).

In Business Since

We could not find a founding date on the Wevorce website, but a Wikipedia page on the company mentions that it was originally founded in Boise, Idaho, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in Y Combinator, a startup accelerator, and later returned to Boise to build the company in 2013.


Wevorce assigns a username and password to each customer, protecting the personal information they enter into the site.

In the News

Wevorce has been featured on such prominent media outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Good Morning America, Fox Business and the BBC.

Our Conclusion

Wevorce appears to have gotten a lot of media coverage, perhaps in part because of its participation in Y Combinator and their previous partnership with LegalZoom. We like the company’s thoughtful approach to amicable divorce and the resources it provides to customers, and we appreciate that it has a guarantee.

  1. I would be weary of this company. They changed their marketing strategy and pricing structure. I was part of the earlier customers with the 949 pricing structure. What is not noted above is that they apparently had a four month – non-advertised – expiration date of service after purchasing. I had not planned on using it for another year or so when i purchased it so when i went on to check it out my account was expired. They offered me the $299 a month and 99 after the first month package but would not refund my initial $949. I would worry about a company that can’t afford to refund for services or products that are already built and take nothing from their inventory to sell. What does it say about their financials that a tiny bit of customer service is too much to pay? I have reached out and they admit that they falsely advertised, not on purpose but that many customers were surprised. The CEO isn’t even involved in the approval committee for these requests. If anything changes I’ll adjust the review.

    • Divorce is hard enough and our goal at Wevorce is to make your divorce easier. We have reviewed your file and unfortunately your statements above do not tell an accurate story. Every family matters at Wevorce and we are always happy to help, but threatening & insulting the staff at Wevorce is where we must draw the line. Temper tantrums, however fun they may be to throw, rarely solve whatever problem is causing them.

      We understand that communication is not about perfection it is about connection. We strive to ensure that what is intended is what is heard, to respond promptly to messages with kindness taking into consideration how the situation is affecting each of us. Our CEO is back from her medical leave and would be happy to discuss this matter with you.


      • Wevorce, thank you for responding to Krae.

  2. This is not the only bad review of this company. Go check out all the complaints on Better Business Bureau. Very poorly handled on all fronts.

    • Our NPS rating remains 8.8 out of possible 10 and the following comments have been submitted by our customers. Their names and contact information are specifically protected due to the nature of divorce and the importance of confidentiality.

      “The Wevorce team answered all of our questions, they were supportive, and caring!”
      “Gives you time to think and be amicable about it all. Great support & guidance from our mediator”
      “Fast. good explanations. VERY responsive”
      “Empathizes and works with the parties involved to create a fair and loving outcome for both individuals”
      “Outlining what documents to gather, a simple linear approach to the questions asked to fill in the information. Providing additional support when needed. Commentary that helps touch on the emotional aspect of the process”

  3. Helped us walk through the details of divorce without a lawyer and guided us through what to do in order to untangle our lives and finances.

  4. Outlining what documents to gather, a simple linear approach to the questions asked to fill in the information. Providing additional support when needed. Commentary that helps touch on the emotional aspect of the process.

  5. gathers information in a concise manner through an easy to use process

  6. This is so much kinder than filling out traditional documents and being served. Thank you.

  7. NPS scores and notes from customers show all time rating of 8.8 out of possible 10 – protection of our customers’ names and their privacy is a high priority for Wevorce. We have some amazing families we have been honored to journey with.

    “Fast. good explanations. VERY responsive”
    “Gives you time to think and be amicable about it all. Great support & guidance from our mediator”
    “The Wevorce team answered all of our questions, they were supportive, and caring!”
    “Easy stages”
    “Lays out questions well”
    “Keeping things organized, yet PEACEFUL”
    “Makes the website easy to fill out and fast when you have all of your information, it’s affordable and the chat is fast response time when you have a question, thank you all!”
    “Help and approach the process in a kind and human way”
    “Helps you think about everything in a divorce that you may not have thought of.”
    “Easy to use and great representatives available for questions when needed.”

  8. I’ve called them multiple times and wrote them an email and haven’t received any response. I too was falsely advertised too and I can’t even get a phone call back

  9. I would recommend reaching out to a local mediator rather than paying Wevorce a dime.

    In my experience, they are deceptive in the way that they advertise their service; they mention in their Terms of Use but nowhere-else that they have a 120 day deadline to use their services before they start charging a monthly subscription service fee. My account was brought down so I reached out to them and they said I would be charged $250/month, once I actually started their “subscription”; it should be noted I had already paid them $950 which they did NOTHING to earn.

    In addition, I spent over a month trying to reach them to discuss my account and I did not get any follow up. I sent several emails, left messages, booked appointments on their website (which no one showed up for) and, finally, made a complaint with the BBB.

  10. I paid for a consultation and did not get a call or a link for a meeting at the time of the consultation. The invite said that a link would be provided closer to the call time. The email I got one hour before the meeting had the same message. I tried the chat but never got a message back. I had also asked a simple question 3 days ago in the chat and never get a message back. I tried to use the contact form but it doesn’t have an area to write your question. It just has a drop-down menu with two selections – information or general. Don’t waste your money. Any organization that makes it this hard to contact, especially after you paid them, is suspect. There are other websites out there with better reviews.

  11. Well, They received a bunch of VC mid 2010s and quickly disappeared. After that, they may be still functioning, but if you look at their paper trail of unsatisfied people, there is a laundry list.

    A divorce is a fairly personal thing and to make it impersonal, which is what they have effectively done is ineffective.

  12. DO NOT USE. We were upsold a product that promise to skip the courthouse when Covid shut everything down for an additional $2000. We have since found out a year later that the “divorce” that was processed is legally insufficient and not recognized by the state of New York. The company has taken zero accountability for this and stopped responding to us when looking for recourse. Absolutely traumatic during an already difficult time and a huge wrench in our ability to move on with our lives. I have an extensive paper trail that shows what was promised and the completely inappropriate responses from this company.

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