Review is a well-established provider in the divorce forms arena, but we have concerns over their customer support based on numerous comments at the bottom of this My Divorce Papers review.


At the time of this review, is advertising a price of $139 for its Complete Divorce Forms Preparation Service. This price is a limited time offer, but we didn’t see any other pricing on the site. Among our our comparison of the top five divorce form providers, only one company — DivorceWriter — offers a lower price, at $137.



According to, it only takes an hour to complete the website’s online divorce process. Once you complete the forms, you can download them instantly or have them delivered.

Customer Support offers customer support by phone Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm PST. They are closed on weekends and holidays. You can also open an online support ticket from their website, or use the online chat feature.

Ease of Use

Like most do-it-yourself divorce form companies, promotes their service as being easy to use. Their three-step process includes creating an account, answering questions, and filing documents.

Attorney Support not provide legal advice, counsel or representation to its customers. For the low price of its services, this is to be expected.

Specialization in Divorce

Because specializes in divorce, you may find that its representatives are more knowledgeable than some larger, un-specialized companies.

National Provider

You can get online divorce forms for all 50 states through the website. Every state has different requirements, and provides state-specific forms.

Reviews and Testimonials

It’s pretty common to see positive reviews on a company’s own website, and has many. However, we have received many negative comments below.

BBB Accreditation

When conducting our review, we found that the parent company for, Divorce Place Inc., was a BBB-Accredited Business, but is no longer. On a scale of A+ to F, it has a F rating. Many factors contribute to a company’s overall ranking, but the BBB cited the multiple complaints filed against the business as the factors for its ranking.

Guarantee does offer a 100% Money Back Court Approval Guarantee for their online divorce form services. This means that they will refund your payment if the designated U.S. family law court for your region does not accept your forms. Update based on comments below: A refund seems to be hard to get.

In Business Since has been in business since 2002. This is a long time for the divorce forms industry.


The McAfee Secure seal appears on the website. If you click the seal, you’ll see that the site has been tested and certified secure by McAfee, with a valid SSL certificate and no malware, malicious links, or phishing detected.

Neat Bonus Feature #1: Dedicated Case Manager offers a lot of bonus features, including a Dedicated Case Manager. In the world of online legal forms, it’s rare to get the same person twice when you call or email for support, and we can see how this would be a valuable feature.

Neat Bonus Feature #2: Free Video Library

With your account, you get free access to an online video library, where you can watch videos explaining legal issues regarding taxes, estate planning and more.

Neat Bonus Feature #3: Free Calculators

You can access a free child support calculator and alimony calculator through the website. These could be helpful in determining the terms of your divorce agreement.

Negative Factors

The primary negative factor we found for was its BBB ranking. In addition, we have received numerous complaints about lack of service and/or refunds (see below).


We like the bonus features and pricing offered by, but couldn’t recommend due the negative factors above.

  1. I spent hours answering all the questions, printing the papers, organizing them, and signing them. I submitted them to the court and waited the week it takes for the courts to accept or reject the petition. It was rejected. Every form. Because they were all out of date! I went back to MyDivorcePapers and told them through their online chat feature what had happened. They told me how to request a refund through their cancellation procedure, which I did. Then I began the task of filling out all the correct forms by hand. 10 days later, I still hadn’t received a refund or a call or anything. I went ahead and resubmitted the new papers the court gave me. They were approved with no problems. I called MyDivorcePapers three times to get an update with no response. Finally I got them on the phone and they said because I didn’t give them a chance to fix the form problem, I was ineligible for a refund (which is not what the online chat guy said). I told them I waited 10 days and heard nothing from them and I couldn’t wait to resubmit the papers (I’m getting remarried in 7 months). They didn’t care and they won’t refund my money. DON’T USE THIS SITE. Their “guarantee” is bullcrap.

    • I just had the a very similar experience they are not helpful and the product is not sufficient enough. The slogan money back guarantee is a scam, they’re out there to grab your money as you as you begin working with them, stay away…

    • I would make a complaint with the credit card company if u used it

  2. Be really careful when using my divorce papers. I will be writing a review of my experience as well as posting it here. While I know they can help people, they are not bad people BUT:

    They have a huge banner that says 100% money back guarantee. If you read more into it you’ll see that they can also screw you over.

    My boyfriend’s wife lives in another state (48 hours away) They have been separated for over 3 years. I came into the picture last year and I helped him get this divorce started. We paid for the papers in January. It took us THAT long to get a working address for his ex (160 days) and get on the same page with the ex. We didn’t know where to send the papers, and didn’t want to file it until then. We took the paperwork in only to find out it was OUTDATED! They had changed their forms 2 years ago. We got forms from back in 2000.

    We are advised to go to the court website to get FREE paperwork. We do, and as I’m filling it out, I couldn’t copy the information over from this site because some of the information was wrong.

    After I filed the FREE paperwork,
    asked us to send them the papers we did file so they can see we did not use their forms and they can issue a refund. So we scan the papers in and email them in and call back. We are then told that we have to cancel our account and 10 days later it will be submitted for review to see if we can get the refund. I end up having to call back because I can’t find out how to cancel my account. This time when I call, I am told it’s been over 120 days so ALTHOUGH the paperwork did NOT get filed, and it was mostly THEIR fault… I will not get a refund. I paid 159.00 to do all the work myself. My b/f and I are supporting my three kids (Because I don’t get support from their dad) I think it’s very unfair that we can’t get a refund when it was THEIR fault!

    • My situation is almost exactly the same as yours only difference is my boyfriend knows where his wife lives. We havent filed any papers yet but i would like to ask u what exactly did yall have to do to get his divorce final?

  3. Mutual divorce

  4. I don’t trust the BBB anyways. Their ratings can be bought.

  5. Hi my boyfriend did his divorce papers through my divorce papers and they said it would take 2-3 days to receive them we have not received anything yet he’s not happy. His name is walter emery we did it last Thursday we chatted with someone over there; gave her the address to send them to. She told us 2-3 days it’s Tuesday already.

  6. I have just come to know that is a SCAM that I just fell victim to. In addition, this website is reporting false information for their review of

    The deception starts by misleading potential customers by advertising “Complete Divorce Forms Preparation Service” for $159. Keep in mind, all the forms needed to file for a divorce are free in most states. I’m in the state of Nevada, which is one of the states that provides all the forms needed for a divorce, for free.

    After paying $159, you have to enter all of the information regarding the specific details of your divorce that’s needed for the forms. You do all the work, not them!

    This website’s review states the following, ” it only takes an hour to complete the website’s online divorce process. Once you complete the forms, you can download them instantly or have them delivered.”

    That is false! After you first pay $159, then you do all of the work by entering all of your own divorce information. After you complete the forms, you do NOT get the option to download your forms or have them delivered. Instead, you will be told “your forms need to be reviewed by one of our staff. A thorough review of your interview will allow us to ensure accuracy and guarantee court approval. In an ongoing effort to provide you with superior document preparation, please allow our staff up to 3-10 business days to review your forms.”

    So after you have completed your forms, you have to wait 3 – 10 business days for them to review the forms. If you don’t want to wait that long or can’t wait that long for them to review your forms, the website will push you to pay an additional $125 to have them do a “RUSH” on reviewing your completed forms. Either way, you don’t get your forms until they are done reviewing them first.

    Then after they’re done reviewing your forms in 3 – 10 business days (which really means 10 business days, not sooner) then they want you to pay an additional $299 to file the forms with the court.

    As I said earlier, most states, such as NEVADA, provide the divorce forms for free. Also, depending on your situation, you may also qualify for a fee waiver to file your divorce forms with the court for free.

    The bottom line is this, here’s what does NOT tell you. Pay $169 + $125 + $299 = $593 for them to review the divorce forms you yourself have to fill out and then if everything is accurate and perfect according to their standards, the forms can be filed with courts and then you go from there.

    Now if you’re wanting a refund like I am because I didn’t know about all of this until after I already paid. You’re in for one hell of fight to get your money back. This website’s review states the following, “ does offer a 100% Money Back Court Approval Guarantee for their online divorce form services. This means that they will refund your payment if the designated U.S. family law court for your region does not accept your forms.” That is FALSE! This is what says about refunds, “If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, and are NOT attempting to file in states of AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IA, IN, IL, KS, LA, MA, MS, MO, NC, ND, NE, NM, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, SD, TX, WA or District of Columbia, contact customer support (Via email) within 24 hours of purchase. Only requests submitted via writing will be accepted through our systems.” Refunds will NOT be issued for the following reasons:

    – If the customer changes their minds about the services and does not want to continue using services provided by MDP.
    – If the customer discovers their spouse has already separately filed for Divorce/Annulment/Legal Separation.
    – The Customer has obtained counsel from a friend or other source to not continue using services provided by MDP.
    – The Customer has obtained counsel from an attorney, or other legal counsel to not continue using services provided by MDP.
    – The customer found a competitor with a different price.
    – If the provided documents were denied by the courts, and the customer is unable or unwilling to provide a rejection letter.
    – If the Customer’s court case with spouse becomes contested and requires legal aid. MDP only provides services for non-contested divorces, annulments or legal seperations.

    If you are able to get them to refund your money, it will take 14 business days plus an additional 3 business days for you to receive your refund.

    As I said in the beginning, is a SCAM!!!

  7. SCAM! Rudely hung up on after requesting to speak to a supervisor as I was directed via an email from THEM!!!

  8. The website is a total scam run from India. Avoid them at all costs and go to a reputable site in the US.

    They charge a low fee of $144. Great.

    I filled out the forms online. Great.

    Then they say, oh you need a legal review of your documents. You can pay $89 to expedite this process. I declined.

    Then they say they’ll contact me as soon as the documents are ready. They wait a month and then say docs are ready.

    I log in and they say, oh your membership has expired. Pay another $25 and you can download the forms you already paid $144 for and never received.

    I called in and asked for my documents. Clearly, the site was being run from India over Skype. They still refused to send me my documents.

    So, I contacted my credit card company and charged back the transaction.

    I’m glad I didn’t get my documents. God knows how many errors would have been in them. Total waste of time and money.

  9. Do not trust this company. The 100% money back guarantee is only valid within the first 30 days, it takes longer than that for them to file with the court. Also, you have to pay a “subscription fee” to access your own paperwork after 30 days as well.
    The paperwork they charge you a $159 for is free through your states county clerk website, all of it. The platinum service is a scam, my case was dismissed due to them not serving my spouse in time. I couldn’t even use the paperwork they gave me, because they took so long the court said it was no longer valid. Customer service is a nightmare, I waited over 2 months for a response. Filed a bbb complaint and the company didn’t respond for a month to tell me they did nothing wrong. STAY AWAY.

  10. I used to work for this company as a web developer. The CEO is an absolute dick head and the staff members were all rude. Never experienced anything like it in my life.

  11. The jury is out. I will give them a reasonable amount of time to complete their end of the deal. As understand because I up graded they be responsible for serving the divorce papers on the respondent and filing the appropriate paperwork with the divorce court. My thinking is that if they are responsible for these necessary actions and miss a deadline or use forms that the court refuses,they bare the responsibility to make any and all corrections and follow through with all the services they advertise.what If I am correct and all flows as indicated, they will have a happy camper. However,if there performance is subpair then I will demand not only a full refund but ask for compensation. Further,for every day they don’t preform to the standards of the agreement,I will post my disfatction on this site and several different social media sites repeatedly and for a significant amount of time. So for now I chose to believe that they will do good,timely work. If that happens, I will post my satisfaction for a substantial amount of time on the referenced sites and we will all be happy.

  12. I was uneasy about the paperwork prepared using, so I had an actual attorney review the documents before submitting them to the court. (By the way, having an actual attorney advise you is a violation of refund policy, which should have been a huge red flag.)

    He found a few glaring errors that may have been accepted in court, but would have negative life-altering consequences. Specifically, urged me to enter a custody arrangement that designated a single custodial parent, assuring me that this was the norm. It’s not, at least in my state. I was close to giving up rights that I shouldn’t, on the advice of

    Worse, many of the documents they provided for my case were out of date and no longer in use by my state. For example, the tables they provided for calculating child support were inaccurate, old, and simply wrong.

    You had one job,, and that was to provide accurate documents and a basic understanding of the laws in my state. You failed.

    You’d think this failure to provide a usable service would qualify me for a refund. Nope. Their policy basically states that they won’t refund anyone, ever, no matter how damaging and inaccurate their documents may be. They refunded one of my monthly recurring service charges (which there is absolutely zero reason for in the first place), but left me on the hook for hundreds more.

    The decisions you make during your divorce will affect you and the lives of your kids forever. Spend some money on a qualified lawyer to guide you through the process, and don’t get suckered in by these internet clowns.

  13. My divorce papers will take your money from your bank account then tell you sorry for the misunderstanding YOU MADE And will not give you your money Back, For me I will take them to the next level I will make sure EVERYONE WILL KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS,STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF THEY ARE TAX PAYERS Shame on you!!

  14. Because they have my information, they charged me after 2 months a monthly subscription without my consent. I didnt log in back to their website in 3 months or so till last monday of course to contact them to solve the matter. How could they charge my account a MONTHLY subsciption like someone is divorcing every month???????? When I contacted them, they refused to refund the unauthorized charge. I went ahead and disputed the charge with my cc. This is definitely an unfair practice.

  15. I just tried to fill out the questionnaire for, and the end tells me that based on the information provided, they are recommending a free consultation with an attorney in my area. I never wanted to talk to anyone. I thought the purpose of this site was to have papers filed without an attorney, as long as you had all the information. Then they say that the site is soley based on trying to reconcile you and your spouse. I’ve been separated way too long for reconciliation at this point. I thought this site helped with divorce, not getting back together. Glad they didn’t ask for my money, because they weren’t going to get anything with thise results…

  16. just left an abusive marriage in the middle of the night with what I could fit in my car. I couldn’t afford a lawyer to file the papers because what little extra I did have went to try to get a restraining order and so I went with these guys. They basically charged me $298 for a practice run in how to file the paperwork myself. When trying to get a refund I was rerouted to a review section and trying to call to get one basically left me on hold for hours until I had to hang up and leave for work.

  17. Update on trying to get a refund. 3 days after I completed and paid for the paperwork I was charged an additional $125 for a rush job. I never got the option to accept or deny it. It’s not even on my invoice. I spent 3 weeks being ran in circles trying to get a refund with the lame excuse of we tried to call. I never had one missed call on my phone and now today I recieved an email saying that the papers were uploaded after one day and that I am outside the window for a refund.

  18. Has anyone considered starting a class action suit against these people? They are total scam artists.

    I was able to find out where the CEO lives but I am still trying to locate their offices. Irvine, California somewhere i believe. If you know please let me know. Someone needs to take these people to court.

  19. i have been done same way i subittited for divorce for a friend and no answer no refund i think this is a scam

  20. They are most certainly a scam, never got the forms mailed to me, cant get a person to talk to cancelled my “subscription” total waste of time and money.

  21. I decided to use MyDivorce papers to file my divorce online, in hopes of a cost effective and quick method to end my marriage.  I WAS WRONG! Despite paying not only for their service but also a fee to expedite the process (2-5 business days papers be delivered) my divorce over a year later never was finalized. The combination of poor communication, excessive hold times, constant run around and being told to just wait, resulted in my divorce being dropped by the court. Not only did they not complete my divorce, the papers took months to be sent off to my ex-wife, the expedited delivery was certified mail (not serving her) which resulted in missed attempts of delivery and repeated fees to send papers that were never sent expedited as promised. Nearly a year later and no divorce finalized. The papers are received by my ex-wife. She mistakenly sends to the courthouse and MyDivorce states their services are rendered?? Services rendered = I am divorced. Yet the case was cancelled by the court several weeks prior, which  NO ONE from the company was aware of until I brought it up to their attention. When I asked for them to fix the situation and re-open the divorce they refused and said they had done  their job…which was to get me divorced which I was not. After nearly a dozen calls (holding for 45 min + at a time) to their customer services and promises for a manager to call me back the next day (which never happened) I was finally able to speak to a manager who said I would receive a refund and a call back the next day. Guess what?? No call back and no refund. Another dozen calls later, I was told I needed to make an online request so they could process my refund. This was yet another lie. They denied my request and I had to start my divorce completely over. I ended  up filing my divorce myself and finally received my papers on my own for half the price and 1/8th of the time for their “expedited divorce” process. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, they are a scam. I hired them because I wanted divorce and I do not know how the process works. They kept telling me to wait a few more weeks and call back, and wait and few more weeks and call back. But never did anything to help the process or provide guidance until it was too late and the judge had closed the case. When you hire an attorney or company you expect them to know the rules and deadlines as part of their services. This company does not follow through with their word and is a waste of money. I am divorced now but no thanks to them. PLEASE think twice before using this company and they took my money and never did their job.

  22. I been battling with them for months now. 5 months ago I paid for my divorce now today I called. They said someone is reviewing it. After a month of waiting for what was suppose to last 10 days. Still not with the courts. Don’t have the money for a lawyer… Will I ever get my divorce ☹️☹️

  23. They are worthless papers and they won’t give you back your money

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